Why should a CMO or marketing department director be a leader, not a boss?

What exactly does it mean to be a leader? Is it a title presented to you by your current role, or is it a trademark you make by working hard to create? The majority of your team members will know the difference between being a leader and a boss. Simply put, a “leader” is a description you earn while “boss” is a title you are given. Leaders are known for being in the “trenches” working alongside their team to reach their goals, while bosses practice their shooting skills when their team works hard to keep the company afloat. Your CMO or marketing department head leadership can make an organization sink or swim. The positive note is that leadership skills can be taught to help your company operate more efficiently. The difference between a leader and a boss does matter! An industry standard is that seventy-seven percent of individuals with “bosses” plan to resign from their position within the next year compared to the 18 percent of those with “leaders.” When team members resign, it becomes costly for your company even worse is having a company cultured around being able to survive the workload and mismanagement of a “boss.” For leadership to work effectively, the “leader” in this case, the CMO or marketing department director, must organize the right team. Hire individuals that possess the proper skills that are unique from your skillset, and they must be empowered to do their job with minimal restriction. Leaders are known for hiring the right person for the correct position without the need to micromanage. An excellent marketing department operates with teamwork as its primary focus, which involves having your entire team working hand in hand using each person’s unique skill set to reach the desired goal. More importantly, when your team reaches that goal, share the credit with your entire team. Leaders are CMO’s or marketing department director’s that realize that their journey to the top is not without a great team around them. 

By: Brandon Diaz

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