How the content creation process works?

Content creation is the thoughtful, strategic process of crafting text and visuals that align with your viewers core interests and brand to reach recognized business goals. This content creation process takes diligence and mindful planning. But why do you need a content creation process for your business? Establishing a content creation process can empower your company to: establish content production and publication consistency, give your marketing team clear directives and responsibilities, maintain regular engagement with your audience, and strengthen your overall marketing strategy and approach. The next question then arises how do we accomplish this? The implementation your company must put into place is a new content creation workflow: ideation, creation, revision, and optimization.

Ideate: All content begins with an idea.

  • Recognize your audience.
  • Align with your strategy.
  • Produce concepts.
  • Attain idea approvals.

Create: Nothing materializes without implementation.

  • Secure skill set needed.
  • Formulate logistics.
  • Implement production.
  • Deliver draft content.

Revise: Present your communication with clarity.

  • Revise content.
  • Request revisions.
  • Complete creative.
  • Obtain final original approvals.

Optimize: Establish your technical bases.

  • Evaluation of SEO.
  • Review practices.
  • Facilitate distribution.

When the creation process is mastered, the subsequent custom content can drive engagement, drive new leads, and close sales, resulting in, growing your business and industry market share.

By: Brandon Diaz

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