How is B2B and B2C marketing different?

There are two main types of promotional markets: business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). Both of these marketing types are very different from each other. Even though you are selling a product to someone, history has shown that the difference between these two types of market is evident. When marketing to a B2B, marketers will realize that businesses work hard to streamline the purchase process to save money and time. This is a clear explanation of why B2B transactions often involve more people, more consideration, and require more decision-makers. Most B2B transactions often require the need to show the return on investment for their purchases. It is also proven that the final sales cost for a B2B transaction usually is more expensive than a B2C transaction. 

B2C Marketing 

When marketing to consumers, you must focus on the benefits of the product and how it could solve their “problem.” The buying decision is based mainly on emotions. Consumers also differ from B2B in that they require several distribution channels to satisfy their convivence. Consumers also have less interest in a long marketing message; instead, they want you to get to the point. 

Consumers ask for you to point out the benefits to the clearly rather than having them work to understand your benefits. You must ensure your message is easy to understand and simple. Most transactions have a much shorter purchasing process, and even typically, consumers purchase within a few minutes to a few days. 

The most effective B2C marketing strategies focus on the results and the benefits that your service and product provided to the consumer. The key is to focus on the problem or “pain” point that you solve and creating messaging that speaks about how your product or service helps/benefits your consumer.    

B2B Marketing      

When marketing to businesses, you must focus on the logic of the product and its features. The buying decision involves almost no personal emotion. In other words, you want to stay focused on understanding your buyer and how their organization operates internally. It’s essential to know their role and what is important to them. 

Business to business marketing is mainly about people using a product rather than it being about the product itself. It is essential to be more in-depth with your marketing materials. The most efficient marketing will focus on how the product/service saves money, resources, and time. Make sure always to mention the return on investment that buyers can expect with their purchase. 

By: Brandon Diaz

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