Why are Facebook Pixels important for paid advertising?

Have you ever wondered what individuals are looking at on your website when they visit your site after seeing one of your ads? Well, Facebook has created a solution for that question, the Facebook Pixel that is an analytical tool that helps you answer all your questions similar to this one. Using the information that the Facebook pixel receives, you can now measure how effective an ad campaign was. Here is how we can use this information

  • You can determine that your ads are shown to the right audience
  • You can build your audiences
  • You also now have access to additional Facebook advertising tools 

The questions always come to us, what is a Facebook pixel? A pixel is a few lines of code from Facebook that you copy into the header section of your website. This code then allows your pixel to capture information about the actions taken on the site making your Facebook ads even more relevant to your audience. Pixels work in a six-stage process

  • You start by installing a pixel on your website
  • Then you receive insights about visitors’ actions on the site
  • You then analyze the behavior 
  • Following up on the analysis you can create audiences to be more targeted with future ads
  • Then you set up your future bidding strategy to reach the most potential people 
  • At the end of the process, you review conversions on your site to create optimal advertising strategies

Facebook pixels are typically used during paid advertising on the platform, but they can also be used to track the actions that happen organically on your site as well. These actions are called events that take place on your website. The idea is to create events on your site that are important for your business. If you take the right steps in studying the customer’s journey, you will have the ability to measure and optimize your ads for conversions that are the most important for your business. The Facebook pixel can help you and your team understand the behavior of users that have visited your website and will give the information necessary for you to determine the advertising strategy that works best to achieve your business goals.  

By: Brandon Diaz

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