What role does attitude play in the consumer purchase cycle?

Consumer attitude refers to the feeling of unfavorableness or favorableness that a consumer has towards a product, or service. We can conclude that a consumer with a positive attitude is more likely to purchase a product/service, which results in the possibility of a consumer liking or disliking a product. Beliefs play a significant role in the attitudes of consumers because their view of a product or service can be either positive or negative towards the product or service. Consumers may also have certain feelings that affect their attitude toward a product or service. At times these feelings can be based on individual beliefs, and at times they are not. There are also behavioral intentions that affect consumer attitudes that show possible plans of consumers concerning specific products or services. These intentions could be based on a logical result of beliefs or feelings, but not always. These factors all independently play a significant role in how attitudes represent a force that profoundly influences how a consumer will react to a purchase decision for a product or service. 

By: Brandon Diaz

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