Why are customer personas important for marketers?

If you are in the field of marketing, you’ve probably heard of a term called a buyer persona. This term is used very loosely by many, but most do not know what a buyer persona is used for. A buyer personal essentially is your ideal customers are, how they make decisions, what their days are like, and the challenges they face. It is common for companies to have multiple buyer personas for a business, this is because if the product being sold needs to have the approval of various individuals before purchase, each person in the buying process will have their own persona. But why are buyer personas important:

  • Buyer personas qualify that your activities involved in serving and acquiring your customers are tailored to the target consumer’s needs.
  • Keeps your company consumer-centered
  • Helps build trust with your target customers
  • Helps build brand equity and loyalty

 Buyer personas are a research-based profile of your target audience, that can assist you with adjusting critical parts of your sales and support for more prominent success. Explaining the sorts of individuals who profit by your solutions and the challenges you help them resolve is necessary for your endeavors to attract and retain customers.

By: Brandon Diaz

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