What is the importance of brand personality?

Brands like every individual have certain personality traits. The personification of a brand that provokes a certain emotion in customers is the building block to brand equity. Brand personality doesn’t just apply to large corporations, rather this branding strategy can help small businesses and startups.  Why is a brand’s personality so important? Well, customers show loyalty to a certain brand for various reasons. The main reason brand personalities are so important is because customers perceive a specific brand to have the traits that resonate with them which ultimately drives brand loyalty and sales. How do brand personalities help your company market your brand better to consumers? Here are some ways of how a brand personality can help you drive sales and brand loyalty:

  • By differentiating your brand from the competition
  • By communicating positive traits about your brand
  • By establishing an emotional attachment with your brand
  • By creating a sustained relationship with your brand
  • By conveying your brand’s message
  • By establishing the tone for your brand

After all, your brand’s personality is how you want your brand to behave. With that being said, your branding strategy and marketing need to be consistent. This consistency will help you and your team create a structured marketing plan that will keep your brand on track to reach the desired goal. Consumers need certain brands to behave in a certain manner in order to convey the right image to the consumers.  


By: Brandon Diaz

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