How to stay informed during the coronavirus pandemic?

This current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic is an unmatched global crisis that will severely affect every factor of our daily lives. In emergency situations like this it is vital to have access to comprehensive information and real time updated data via digital media channels. One way to achieve this is via a social listening tool such as the one provided by sprout social. Their idea with the Coronavirus social listening tool is to provide their customers with the information they need in the moments that matter the most. At the Town of Miami Lakes, we utilize this tool during a crisis, to keep our finger on the pulse of the conversation.  Using this social listening capability has helped our communications team understand what our residents are looking for and how we could contribute organic value to our residents. This tool has enabled us to create an effective emergency response strategy and connect with residents during these uncertain times.

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Social listening gives us the power of harnessing actionable intelligence which we need in order to identify the best approach with our residents. We utilize social listening in a number of ways in order to inform our social strategy:

  • Analyze data by sentiment
  • Filter by demographics
  • Access our brand health
  • Gain a comprehensive perspective

The insights we gain from our social listening tool informs our emergency communication response strategy and helps us adapt our content strategy to inspire new methods of connecting with our residents during this tough time.

By: Brandon Diaz

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