How does consumer perception effect toilet paper sales during the Corona Virus pandemic?

The coronavirus has bought panic to the markets across North America running low on masks to hand sanitizers and now toilet paper? The need and wants of consumers during the coronavirus have reached the point that retailers in the US and Canada have to limit the number of toilet paper packs consumers can purchase at one time. Some stores are to the point that they are out of toilet paper or even to the point where security is needed to get involved to provide a safe sales transaction. For some odd reason consumers are perceiving toilet paper supplies as limited or irreplaceable driving the sales exponentially high! But why are consumers really buying so many rolls of toilet paper?

  • Society resorts to extreme actions when they hear conflicting messages
  • Individuals react to the lack of clear direction from officials
  • Panic creates panic buying in consumers
  • Human nature is to want to overprepare for any situation
  • Enables individuals to have some sense of control of the situation

This consumer perception that toilet paper supplies are limited or irreplaceable is driving the sales through the roof as it satisfies the consumer’s needs. Consumers have the need for self-affirmation, overwhelming their logical purchasing practices, that drives the craze of purchasing unreasonable amounts of toilet paper, which is settled once our consumer is out the door with their pack of toilet paper. 

By: Brandon Diaz

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