How to create a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy?

How do we as marketers develop a brand in today’s digital age? The answer is simple using a well planed out social media marketing strategy! A social media marketing strategy is a summary of what you hope and plan on achieving on social media. This strategy is your guide for your actions on your social media channels and allows you to measure your success. Every action taken on social media should serve a purpose from likes, to comments and posts. The more focused your social media strategy is the more likely you are to succeed. Keep your social media marketing strategy plan concise. Do not make the mistake of creating a broad and loosely structured plan that is impossible to measure. Your social media marketing plan should follow an eight-step process in order to be successful:

Once this plan is established it is important to utilize this plan along with your social media marketing scheduler and analytics tools in order to schedule all your social media postings, engage with your followers and measure your performance. 

By: Brandon Diaz

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