Why is a branding strategy important for a small business?

Branding is known as a marketing practice where a company creates elements that make them easily identifiable as belonging to their company. Very often branding is not seen as a priority for a small business and its easy to see why the product itself would be the main focus. The reality is that having a strong brand strategy is important for any size company. When I refer to branding elements, they are not just a name, color palette or logo. These do makeup part of the branding elements, but they are the minimum of what your brand should represent. So, the questions arises, how do you set up a guide for your brand? This guide is called a brand strategy! A brand strategy is essentially a guide for every method/channel in which you communicate and interact with customers. Prior to starting your branding strategy, your company should clearly define its: Mission, vision, and positioning statement. These brand elements play an important role in how the brand is expressed in its: personality, visual expression, and voice. The logo, tagline, and name should be molded after the previous key branding elements. As whole these elements should create a singular unified brand experience. But why do companies really need a branding strategy? Here’s why:

Branding saves you money and does not cost you more. Being a small business the investment may seem to be hard to make, but in the long run, your companies brand will prove to be invaluable.

By: Brandon Diaz

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