Why are brand architectures important for brand development?

Do you remember the days of creating your family tree? You started by your great grandparents, grandparents, your parents, and eventually leading to you! In this family tree of yours, everyone is related by blood, but everyone is also unique. Imagine a company’s brand architecture as their own family tree, all their brands are connected/related, but they are all different in their unique ways. But what is brand architecture exactly?  Brand Architecture is defined as a system that organizes brands, products and services to help an audience access and relate to a brand. Brand architecture enables companies with multiple brands to define each brand relationship to each other and helps the company stay organized internally. There are four main types of brand architecture:

Marketing is about building awareness reaching as many people as possible via as many channels as possible. Branding is about what makes you different from your competition also in the case of brand architecture ensuring how each brand within the company fits in relation to each other in the company. Brand architecture, if used correctly, can be the fuel to grow your brand development strategy via multiple brands targeting multiple target markets.  

By: Brandon Diaz

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