What are the best ways to store marketing data, flat file or relational database?

Data storage is one of the most important factors in marketing analytics. Data has two normal ways in which it is stored, Flat file or relational database. A flat-file database stores data in a single table format. The relational database utilizes multiple structures and cross-references records between tables. Regardless of the data storage method chosen tables are organized with records in rows and each column including a sole piece of data in each record. Flat file and relational database data storage methods each have their own benefits:

These two databases have been the foundation for many important businesses operating software. Flat file databases set the structure for Berkeley DB, FileMaker and Borland Reflex. Relational databases set the structure for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. A database can reduce errors, increase consistency, and improve data security. Using databases whether a flat-file or relational database is vital to storing marketing and business data that every business should utilize in their day to day operations.

By: Brandon Diaz

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