Why is a brand guideline so important to a company’s branding strategy?

The first question that arises, what is a brand guideline? Simply put a brand guideline gives your company the ability to explain a number of factors about the brand internally as well as externally to the general public, affiliates, and partners. Brand guidelines are established to keep a company focused on how to represent the brand throughout the brand strategy process. These guidelines contain sections such as brand assets as well as the proper use of them (typeface, spacing, background, color palette, and logo) and brand identity (tone, core values, mission). Brand guidelines are used for a number of reasons for the company’s brand strategy, the main reason to have a set of brand guidelines are:

  • To keep the brand consistent
  • Set standard and rules for the brand
  • Keep the brand recognizable
  • To ensure the brand stays focused
  • Provides value to the brand

These guidelines can be best described as a set of rules created in order to establish a uniform identity while connecting multiple factors of your brand such as color, logo and typography. Brand guidelines are vitally important in rebranding efforts, starting a new company, or to keep your current brand focused within the branding strategy. These guidelines serve as a way of communicating with current and potential customers within your target audience. Essentially if your company does not have brand guidelines it is necessary to have them created to keep your brand focused and following the brand strategy.

By: Brandon Diaz 

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