Why is LinkedIn such an important tool for personal brand development?

Personal brand development in today’s digital age has changed drastically from simply attending networking events or even just being a leader at work. In today’s digital age it is essential for personal branding to establish your brand online. The question that arises is on what digital media site do I invest my time to provide the right return on my time? My recommendation as a marketer to all professionals is to invest their time building their personal brand on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn began simply as an online resume platform for professionals, but this digital media site has developed into a multifaceted, rich and customizable personal branding platform. LinkedIn can help you develop your career and manage your personal brand over time. There are numerous factors that lead me to recommending LinkedIn as an important tool for personal brand development:

·It is your agent (LinkedIn allows you to showcase yourself to other professionals who are searching for exactly the services you provide.)

·It is your digital resume (LinkedIn appears normally at the top of most online search result making your account the most important site for other professionals to learn more about you.)

·It is your professional network (LinkedIn makes it much easier for you to be part of targeted discussions in order for you to remain current and engage even more than you could with your local professional network.)

·It is your personal blog/website (LinkedIn allows for professional to display your expertise and express your opinion on various subjects.)

·It is your portfolio (LinkedIn allows for users to post/integrate content such as video/image into your profile summary and experience, making it your true digital portfolio of who you are, what you can offer, and why your work would add value to any organization.)

·It is your top research tool (LinkedIn allows for users to validate all that you may state about yourself.)

·It is your contact management system (LinkedIn uses connections making it the most important and only tool you will need to find other professionals in your community despite their current employment.)

·It is your career coach (LinkedIn serves as your primary vault for your professional content, it turns into your achievement diary.)

·It is your salesperson (LinkedIn allows for users to showcase their achievements, it creates new leads that otherwise would not exists.)

·It is your recruiter (LinkedIn not only helps you connect with others, but it also assists you in finding the qualified individuals you need for those open positions within your organization.)

Time spent on LinkedIn is an investment for your career and can deliver huge rewards. LinkedIn is the top digital media resource for personal brand development that provides each user tools for growing your team, delivering greater value, and building your personal brand for the rest of your career.

By: Brandon Diaz 

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