What are brands and how can they help develop a company’s relationship with its customers?

Branding is an essential part of the day to day operation of every company or business around the world. Your companies’ brand can make or break your companies/business success. But how you may ask? Well, let’s start by explaining what a brand is exactly. A brand is defined as a business strategy brought to life and is the primary means for differentiation and growth. A brand is also known as: A medium that clearly communicates purpose and energizes cultures, a platform upon which to create engaging and unique experiences, a means to stay relevant, meaningful and valued. Building a well-known brand is one of the most powerful marketing tools any business can empower because a brand can ignite feelings, have personalities, establish relationships and a consumer’s perception of a brand is not what the marketer says it is it’s what customers believe it is. This is why brand management is such an essential part of any company, a brand is the result of a customer’s experience/perception of a company, and consumers will recall their personal experiences before believing any advertising. A company’s brand has the ability to communicate a company’s various elements:

·        Physique: What do we do best?

·        Relationship: What will we never compromise?

·        Noble Purpose: How do we make customers’ lives better?

·        Personality: What’s our voice?

·        Culture:  What do we have in common with customers?

·        Self-Image: What do customers want their use of the brand to say about them?

Each of these elements plays a major role in the larger goal of building a brand resulting in a broader reach, influencing future sales, creates mental brand equity and generates big/long term growth.  

By: Brandon Diaz 

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