What data does you or your company have, do you use it, if yes how, if not, what are the obstacles to using it and how can you overcome them?

I am a strong believer in the saying, “data does not lie.” At my current role as the Marketing and Digital Services Specialist at the Town of Miami Lakes, I am a strong advocate of showing Miami Lakes residents our effectiveness in our outreach to the community via our digital channels. Since the commencement of my employment at the Town of Miami Lakes we have added a new layer to our Quarterly reports (Links to an external site.). Previously the only data reported was followers and views on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. My honest reaction to that was SERIOUSLY!!!!! Do you truly know if you are converting and communicating your information to the public by only reporting Instagram/Twitter/Facebook followers and views? The answer is simple this is impossible and embarrassing to only report this type of data. We have since taken our quarterly data reports to the next level utilizing the social media marketing tool sprout social (Links to an external site.) to harness more extensive data across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Nextdoor (Links to an external site.):

This type of data reporting has allowed us to provide the proper return on investment on our digital efforts to our Town Council and Town Management for the entire organization to understand the value of our digital channels. Our digital outreach has allowed us to keep Miami Lakes residents informed through proactive and responsive digital efforts as well as promoting 150 special events which result in approximately 40,000 attendees each year. Our digital data provides insights from what residents want or don’t want to see on social media. Despite this data effectiveness, we do reach crossroads where some residents do feel the lack of certain posts not going out just simply due to the lack of interest/engagement of residents on those certain posts. Overall I believe at the Town of Miami Lakes we have created a multi-channel two-way communication digital outreach unmatched by any other municipality in south Florida strengthened by using digital data to better target and inform our residents.   

By: Brandon Diaz

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