How can you use marketing research, or more specifically, research data to help you become, or maintain your role as a marketing leader?

In order to be a marketing leader, marketers must put their customers or target market at their focus of any marketing campaign. Marketing in its basic state has to focus on two main points: to discover customers’ needs/desires and utilizing that information to deliver what consumers want to buy. Traditional marketers used the combination of two factors to reach the sale by using marketing studies that are currently available as well as their assumptions about their target market. This traditional approach used a trial and error approach costing a large amount of resources and time. Marketing leaders, in contrast, use data-driven marketing approaches that allow them to reach the customers at the right time with the right offer. Marketing leaders go well beyond just harnessing research data just for the “pitch” to the customer rather using the data to:

  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Target well-defined marketing segments
  • Get new customers
  • Measure and improve their strategies in real-time

Research data allows marketers to harness greater customer loyalty, acquire more new customers, increase customer satisfaction and more. To sum it all marketing leaders use marketing research and their research data to build stronger connections with potential customers and uncover the best channels for promotion.

By: Brandon Diaz

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