What are google search ads and why your business should be utilizing them?

Search advertising is a unique way businesses can use advertising, while the Google search engine results appear for a specific keyword search the ads are displayed in a perfect match in the query. Paid advertising with google is an efficient advertising investment and can contribute to almost any type of business. Google has created search ads in order to make a seamless advertising platform where ads appear very similar to organic search results which makes google search ads an effective method of paid advertisement. Google search ads provide many benefits to any business:

  • Ad’s appear organic in search
  • Immune to ad blocking software
  • Helps focus on intent marketing (knowing what your clients want at that very moment and focusing on the ways to deliver it to them)
  • Provide a remedy for websites that don’t rank high organically and have poor SEO performance
  • Appear on google mobile search

Paid Google search advertisements create one of the most effective ways for any company to advertise by utilizing a platform where the target audience is on at the very moment they need or are looking for a specific product or service. Google search ads offer a platform where ROI is much higher for many industries compared to the traditional spray and pay advertising by putting your product or service at the right place at the right time by using specific keyword search optimization

By: Brandon Diaz

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