If you could conduct any marketing experiment for your current job or a job you hope to have in the near future, what would it look like?

Marketing research is valuable for any and all businesses. Market research allows a company to analyze data about a market, customer, competitor, and product/service empowering the company to investigate possible ways for it to operate successfully in the market, attract the target audience, sell the product or service, and gain a competitive advantage over their competition. Marketing research can apply to any business in any sector. For example, I am the Marketing and Digital services specialist at the Town of Miami Lakes we are looking for the best possible route to attain residents’ input into how they feel our communications department is handling informing our residents of all the whereabouts of Town events, meeting and all updates. We are currently working on a 15-20 question online survey included metric and categorical questions in order to capture all our resident’s input and opinions in order to best inform/keep our residents up to date with all things Miami Lakes. We will use this data to better our output of information on our email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and our press releases. We have received praise for our work on our digital platforms and keeping residents informed. Despite this, we are pushing hard to build trust and transparency in our local government in Miami Lakes by using residents’ input to better target our output of information.    

By: Brandon Diaz

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