What are Google ads and why is it valuable to a business?

Google has created a whole new world in terms of paid advertisements. Google has created an advertising platform that can be utilized to make any company successful if used correctly. Google ads are one of the world’s largest and most effective methods of paid online advertising. Google ads are used by small businesses as well as larger corporations all with the same goal in mind. These companies advertising on the google ads platform want to be able to get in front of their customers who are searching for information, products, and services online. Google ads are used because of many reasons:

  • Google ads increase leads and customers
  • It is a flexible marketing platform
  • Businesses get a high ROI
  • Fast, transparent, and accessible results
  • Enters your content into top quality traffic sources   
  • Business find out more about their customers and target market

Google ads have become one of the most powerful and important paid advertising tools in the world. The google ads platform engages with millions of online users every day. This may be a tough platform for non-marketers to learn but if you take the time and are able to master the google ads platform the rewards can be endless. 

By: Brandon Diaz

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