User Experience and is it really important?

At a recent webinar, I took part in I was taught the key aspects of the user experience that marketers should focus on. Based on the webinar I believe that marketers should focus on discoverability, a stunning visual experience, and driving brand loyalty. I understand the concept of the need to address how a consumer finds their products. When customers are looking at various products they can browse, search, or look at different options on social platforms. Therefore, I believe marketers must ensure their design elements is more discoverable to drive sales via digital platforms, search engines, app stores, and other traditional platforms. First impressions make lasting impressions, which is why the value in a good visual experience is so important in satisfying customers as well as a marketing tool. A good product/brand story can have a lasting effect wanted on consumers to promote a product/brand. This is why I believe it is essential for marketers to utilize the visual experience of the user experience to achieve the final goal which is the transaction. One of the most important jobs of a marketer as I learned in this amazing webinar is to drive brand loyalty via an amazing user experience. The combination of an appealing webpage, properly targeted marketing campaign, and an amazing user experience helps develop consumers into advocates who are loyal to your brand.   

By Brandon Diaz

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