What is the difference between a marketer and a Marketing leader?

At a recent seminar, I attended I was exposed to the idea of what a marketing leader is and whether or not it is required to have a “title” to be a marketing leader. There are many misconceptions when the word leader gets put into play. What do I mean by that? Well very simply put, a leader is not a department director or your “boss.” A leader can be an individual who takes initiatives to make your team better by helping each team member of the organization, or a leader can be an individual who makes the extra effort in streamlining a team’s workflow or processes. As put by the seminar’s amazing featured speakers, Wendy Guess and Debbie Cabrera, marketing leaders must be able to manage, guide, delegate, critique, inspire and serve.

 On a personal level, I have been blessed to have parents which instilled in me the idea of “leading by example”. In my family-owned business, which has been in operation for 25 plus years, this mindset and guiding principle have truly transformed me into the marketing professional I am today. Through this guiding principle, I have been able to establish my own world recognized brand and manage various marketing efforts, giving me the ability to lead by example and to inspire and guide my teams into marketing excellence. In today’s world, many individuals state they are “digital marketers” which frustrates many experienced marketing professionals when the phrase gets overused. I have worked many years prior to my Marketing education establishing my world recognized brand JetSkiDaily, founded in 2012, which is the world’s original and largest jet ski (PWC) social media lifestyle page. JetSkiDaily spans across all digital platforms and encompasses hosting events, covering events, and sales of performance products. This experience with my own start-up business, along with my education, has given me the resume to become a marketing leader in the workplace that I have dreamed of becoming. My current role at the Town of Miami Lakes as the Marketing and Digital Services Specialist has given me the platform to be a marketing leader through being able to manage campaigns, guide interns assisting our program, delegate the target markets, critique previous marketing efforts to better ours, inspire the local community to get involved digitally with their town and be able to serve my home town by being the best possible marketing leader I can be. 

By: Brandon Diaz

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