Digital Communications at the Town of Miami Lakes

At a recent seminar, I attended I was exposed to the concept of innovative ways to inform, remind, persuade, and connect with individuals. This is a concept present in my current workplace. At the Town of Miami Lakes, we have made the initiative to move in the direction of a digital presence to inform our residents about the current meetings and special events occurring. We have put this initiative into action by placing all meetings and special events on Facebook and Nextdoor. This placement of events and meetings on Facebook and Nextdoor has created on average ten thousand unique account impressions per event. This type of exposure has increased our event attendance as well as our partners and sponsorship involvement. We have been able to reach our residents on the social media platforms they are currently active on and the results have been rewarding. This initiative has been at the forefront of municipal marketing to be transparent with residents and to reach each resident on a personal level. This style of digital marketing ensures all residents stay informed and up to date with all that is going on in Miami Lakes. 

By: Brandon Diaz   

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